Our sole focus is to deliver “the WOW” to each and every customer and organize the best possible trip to Belgrade that one can imagine

To that regard, and with the ultimate goal to provide the best possible experience in Belgrade, we have assembled the best team of professionals in the Region, and we have invested substantial efforts to build a comprehensive network of 3rd party vendors and partners, so we can respond to almost any request and provide a very flexible and versatile service, and custom tailored offerings and packages that meet the highest standards and the needs of our most demanding customers.
Our expertise and our network of business partners, that includes Venues, Fine Dining, Lodging, Catering, Entertainment offerings & Contacts and Party Scene Events & Contacts, wide variety of transportation and accommodations and wellness facilities, and much more – is the guarantee that our customers will receive the highest quality of service and the memorable, unsurpassed travel experience.
Just looking at our party scene offerings and options could fill up your calendar for a month or two – and that’s just to scratch the surface.
In short – if it’s worth mentioning and if it’s in Belgrade – we will make it happen for you.

So what about Belgrade clubs and Belgrade nightlife is so spectacular? You’ll know when you arrive, we guarantee it. And with us as your guide in Belgrade, you will make the most out of this trip.

Our program planning (did I mention our team of travel experts?) is meticulous and detail oriented. Our execution is flawless. It’s our job to ensure that our customers’ travel experience flows smoothly, without interruptions or glitches, and at the pace that our customers expect/require (and hopefully – can handle).

We not only handle the best stag parties and bachelor parties Belgrade has ever seen, but we are very creative with our clients and very dedicated to fulfilling their every wish and demand. Whether its just making the perfect reservations in the best restaurants or clubs here in Belgrade, or creating an out-of-this-world original and crazy bachelor party with ideas that you have not even heard of yet- to the most drunken, wild and loose Stag do ideas that you can come up with- you WILL be satisfied with your experience in Belgrade, and you WILL come back for another round of fun sooner or later. We wont try to sell you on Belgrade and why its the perfect place to travel- but once you have decided to come here, give us a call, and you will have the perfect idea of what to do in Belgrade. Yes, the girls in Belgrade are beautiful, yes the restaurants in Belgrade are the best, yes the hotels in Belgrade are the best, yes the clubs in Belgrade are truly memorable, yes Belgrade strip clubs are amazing fun- all of this is true- but we guarantee that you will make the most of this trip only if you grab the phone- and give us a call now to make your booking.

Your fun can start with the most exciting airport limo pickup, with an amazing strip show, great champagne and beautiful company. Or you might like to schedule your limo tour for later, once you’ve settled in. Whatever comes to your mind, we will organize according to your wishes. Maybe you decide you want an exotic villa party with a special theme and specific ladies (hostesses) from our website, maybe you really like group fun and decide for some paintball at the villa? Maybe you would like a Halloween party at the villa just for you and you friends? Maybe you want a private limo rental for you and your friends for the day, maybe you want a special strip show at the hotel or villa? Don’t worry-we have done and seen it all. Let us know what your special wishes are and we will make it happen. Or, if you are out of ideas- let us create a memorable schedule packed with fun activities for you.

We have special tours for sightseeing, special tours for shopping, special tours for discovering all of Belgrade’s attractions. Your wish- is our command. Your interests- are our priority. Your needs- we will organize.

We work hard and party even harder. We know the value of those few short days (and nights) we can set aside only for ourselves, when we can unwind, let loose, forget the minutia of the rat race and enjoy the life as what, in our opinion, it was meant to be.

We want you to do it with us – lets jump on that roller-coaster called Belgrade Party Scene together, and take a spin or two. You’ll come back for more – We guarantee it.