Located on Dorćol in Mike Alas Street, 10 minutes walk from Knez Mihailova Street and the strict center. Nearby is the zoo garden, Kalemegdan, and the Danubian Quay, as well as the sports center Milan Gale Muškatirović. This is a studio apartment with a Jacuzzi, although it has the ability to accommodate 3 people if needed. In that case, the sleep schedule is, two persons on a French bed and one person on a large armchair for the stretching. This Jacuzzi apartment is modernly furnished with beautiful interior details. The kitchen is small, but it has basic items such as a fridge, an induction cooking hob as well as dishes. In the apartment, the toilet is a separate unit, smaller in size but functional. The terrace has a view from one side to the Kalemegdan, and on the other side to the Danube, and this live looks fascinating. For those who come by car there is a free public parking across the road, where you can always find a parking space. If you need an apartment with a jacuzzi in the center this apartment should be a top pick.