Kasina by Community or just plain “Kasina” is located in the very heart of Belgrade, near the Kasina hotel across from the Terazije fountain. The locals famously know it as the best live pop/rock music nightclub in Belgrade, with the reputation for having very beautiful guests. Kasina has a rich history which gives it a cult status of the city of Belgrade. The interior was recently renovated and can compare itself to the most prestigious clubs of the world. The club is 2 stories high and Its high ceiling and spaciousness make this place fit for as many as 700 guests, making it possible for a great night to drink and dance to late in the night to some great popular hits! Inside the club you will find a large number of VIP tables with seating, bar tables, high seating, a large bar etc. The club, of course, contains very high quality sound system, beautiful lighting and great ventilation. Club Kasina is a place where you will meet people of all generations. The atmosphere is always lively and unforgettable. You will find that people come here to have a great time with friends, and relax to great music.

During the day or evening, it’s a great, lively place to have an exquisite meal at a very reasonable price. The restaurant offers a wide selection of various food types with a focus on Mediterranean food, as well as Serbian specialties that we warmly recommend! The garden, which is located in front of the restaurant, is open at any season and comfortable to sit and dine in until 10pm when the kitchen closes, right before the party begins!

Kasina’s nightlife working days are not limited to weekends- the club is open and in full party mode for 6 days a week! Working hours are from 11pm to 4am. The remaining 7th day we offer a truly comedic experience- a stand-up special with our most famous Serbian comic- Nesa Bridges. At his performance- you will notice a very cheerful crowd, cracking up to some hilarious jokes! You don’t really need to speak Serbian to enjoy this experience, altogether with amazing food, guests and atmosphere- you truly will enjoy yourself.

The Kasina complex dates back to 1860, as the old hotel Kasina. The current hotel was built in 1922. The area is now very modernized and recently renovated, but still holds an authentic image of Belgrade and the now traditional service of draft beer.

A beautiful view and constant circulation of people and guests gives you the opportunity to feel the real spirit of Belgrade! At night, the place is transformed into an oasis of fun and provides the perfect atmosphere. Every night we organize live music- performances by famous bands. What makes Kasina special is a very large selection of beer and very favorable pricing! All in all, its made for maximum comfort. The club is ran by very enthusiastic people, with one thing in mind- giving their guests the best experience possible!