Belgrade got a new exciting club on the nightlife map!

A very attractive place for clubbing, but also a cocktail bar for relaxing and socializing during the day–club “Brankow” is located in one column of Branko’s bridge. The Club is a blend of urban feel and avant-garde. In the evening you can enjoy live performances, our famous dj’s, world class mixes, incredible mash ups from the 80’s and 90’s..Working days are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and you can expect the same amount of enthusiasm for a great party on each day!

The certain thing about music is in club is that pleases the highest standards. The architect of this club was George Goetz, who designed the famous clubs “The Tube”, “Mladost” and recently opened river club Lasta.. Club Brankow is located in down town, below Branko’s Brige. The club itself extends on 200 square meters and it is practically linked to the bridge. The interesting thing about this club is that illumination is mostly yellow, just like the illumination on the bridge. Club Brankow represents the juncture of urban and avant-garde, wild and sophisticated.

The interior of the club is a mixture of Berlin, London and New York chic style. The First thing you will notice is a lot of contrasts. Concrete and Glass. Wood and Leather. A long bar and boots under the concrete arches. A lot of small mirror pieces, scattered along the ceiling, reflecting the light. That attention is dedicated to every detail shows that the bar was a piece of English expert, among whose references is London restaurant China White.. Completely different from others, at the start club Brankow has won sympathies or many lovers of Belgrade nightlife. Among others, a rich music program based on jazz, funk, disco and pop sounds are responsible for a truly great party.

Here is a true classy atmosphere regarding the guests and interior, but don’t let that fool you- parties at Brankow get really crazy! To our enthusiastic guests- we guarantee an amazing time here in truly great company!