At first glance, River is just another Belgrade Splav (Splav = club on the river), but once you enter a party- you’ll notice it’s quite extraordinary. Splav River is an institution for good summer fun in Belgrade- a must visit if you wish to truly deeply feel all the magic of Belgrade’s nightlife. It’s known for guest appearances by the most popular Serbian musicians. It has been one of the most popular Belgrade clubs for 8 years now- that’s almost a decade of great fun!

The Splav is open and in full party mode for 5 days a week! On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you can expect the same amount of enthusiasm- a lot of it! What makes for this amazing atmosphere is the lively music- RnB hits, House hits, sometimes even Serbian folk/pop music.

Interior design of our premises is designed to ensure that all seats can be and are connected, which in return and in our opinion ensures unitye and extravagant experience for our patrons and visitors. The Ambient is designed to suit your maximum entertainment and enjoyment expectations.

Whether you are seated at the bar table, high seating, or VIP seating, you will still feel like you are at the epicenter of fun. The sound system and lighting are of great quality- all designed for maximum enjoyment. Here you can enjoy a variety of drinks, cocktails, to the most exclusive champagnes.

Because of the club’s great popularity, reservations always need to be made a few days upfront- at least. The Splav has very frequent regulars- you’ll notice this after a few first times here- all are used to the great atmosphere and music they know they’ll always find here. You can expect the staff to be highly professional and very quick!

Let us show you a great time on the water- Splav River!