The best summer nightclub in Belgrade finally got its winter version!
The most popular club among locals as well as foreign tourists in Belgrade- Freestyler moved to the Freestyler Winter Stage club for this winter season! Freestyler WinterStage is located within the Beton Hall, the center of Belgrade’s nightlife. If you are accustomed to superb sound, spectacular lighting and the best time that you had at club Freestyler, don’t expect anything less of the Freestyler Winter Stage club-. Experienced management with decades of experience in Belgrade clubbing promises that the energy from the summer club will be transferred to the winter club and that Freestyler Winter Stage will quickly gain the popularity that Freestyler has had for years. We recommend that you don’t miss the spectacle that it will provide, so reserve your place in time and have the time of your life.
Guests of this newly opened (but already famous) club can expect rich music programs and many surprises. It seems that this club took the leading place in nightlife of Belgrade thanks to its positive energy parties at full capacity and beautiful guests.. Imaginative, contemporary and original design of club Freestyler WinterStage will take your breath away. Many luxurious details and an impressive and unique design, make this club different from anything ordinary! It is nowhere close to ordinary, we can say, with confidence, that you will find it spectacular! Within the club there are many illuminated details. Lighting and sound system are of superior quality. Once you enter this place you will feel like you are in the future! The future of nightlife!
Freestyler WinterStage working days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday! It is safe to say that Tuesdays are just as wild and crazy as Saturdays here! Dress code here is anywhere from casual to elegant and the atmosphere is wild, relaxed and simply put- perfect for a real fun night out! If you’re a fan of good 90’s hits then make you reservation for Tuesday! Friday’s are reserved for our famous “Get Low” r’n’b and hip hop parties, where Saturday is perfect for commercial and house music sounds! The working hours are from midnight to 5am- so you will have plenty of time to soak it all in! This club hosts a very sophisticated city crew that knows and loves to have fun! At Freestyler WinterStage you can expect quality electronic sound and urban genres, mainstream and underground music.
Here you will find that you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks, such as famous brands of vodka and scotch, as well as exclusive champagnes. The professionalism and hospitality of the staff, along with the above stated- is certain to help make your night here unforgettable! The club policy is that- the soul of this club is within its guests, and not just in the interior, music or staff. When all the cheerful guests gather in this fabulous club, the atmosphere is nothing less than extraordinary! We take pride in the atmosphere that we create here!

There are many river clubs in Belgrade but the rare ones have a tradition and a guarantee of a great party as summer club Freestyler does! For years, Freestyler is regarded as the top destination for nightlife in Belgrade. Parties are held almost every day throughout the week with top DJs but and hosting of the best DJs from the scene. You will be very entertained by our sexy dancers, our gorgeous guests and our very classy and comfy interior. Here you’ll find the accent is on great and very unique cocktails that the club is famous for. Freestyler is a safe and good choice for all foreigners who want to taste the best of the summer clubs in Belgrade. Club Freestyler is ideal for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties- or just plain ol’ parties! You won’t go wrong coming here on any night! Foreigners do rank this club as their favorite- and you’ll hear English being spoken more than Serbian here! The attraction for tourists is really great here.

The music you’ll find is various- from HipHop and RnB parties, to House music parties to Disco parties. High seating and VIP tables are plenty and always full! The bar is usually packed and in full party mode. A tip- do make sure to get here on time for you reservation- reservations go quickly!

The club has been open for more than a decade now! It has been as popular as it is today since its very start because of its professional service, and high quality nightlife. It is definitely one of the top picks and best clubs that Belgrade has to offer. Freestyler is very well known for a very wild atmosphere, and parties that don’t end until sunrise.

Welcome to Freestyler!