On a very snowy winter day, in 2003, a true gentleman came to Belgrade-whose name is now a household name (in households that like to party). The name? Mr. Stefan Braun.

He founded a club on a ninth floor of a building in Belgrade’s center- Nemanjina Street, and opened it for all those who adore nightlife and great fun. With his professional service and desire to organize a good time, this gentleman’s place became one of the hottest locations of Belgrade’s nightlife. Today, The Club, with its urban orientation and modern concept is in the same rank with the world’s greatest nightclubs.

The club’s capacity is 450 guests and the epicenter of fun is- you guessed it- at the bar. At this bar you can honestly expect anything- crazy colored drinks, wild dancing, female strippers, male strippers, all kinds of fun surprises. VIP tables are available as well, and very comfy and luxurious! Very often, the clubbers (mostly female) end up dancing on the bar- don’t act surprised! What gives this club its specific and memorable atmosphere and energy is the the ambient and great music- but more importantly- the staff (bartenders, dj’s) that is very well trained to party extremely hard and contribute to a truly wild atmosphere- a constant here at Mr.Stefan Braun.

The club is open 7 days a week- a safe haven for real party lovers. Each day offers a different musical program which are often characterized by thematic parties- staff dresses up to different styles of costumes and puts on a real show! This dedication is really what makes this club unique when it comes down to quality of party. You will of course, find a wide range selection of drinks, tasty cocktails, and very friendly guests. We can guarantee some of the best tasting cocktails in the city!

We have to mention another thing that makes us unique-our club very often organizes humanitarian nights- once a week- at these parties you will find famous Serbian faces (actors, singers, celebrities) DJ-ing and having a great time. At these events, much needed money goes to charities which need most help. A very modern concept and style, very open and diverse crowd have given this club its worldly image.

Stefan Braun’s team – which is made up of more than 50 people with tremendous clubbing experience, each day puts in real effort to raise up the party level to totally new expectations. The number of satisfied guests, and the number of previous extremely successful seasons speaks for itself! To all future guests- we invite you to visit this club- and be a part of this upcoming season which we promise will be even better than the previous!

At beginning of the XII season, and we quote-…

”I, Mr Stefan Brown wish to thank all my guests, for making past seasons unforgettable, and to all those who will become guests, for helping make the following seasons even better.”

Sincerely yours, Mr Stefan Braun.

See you here!