Club Gothic, located at the heart of the famous Beton Hall, right on the Sava river. It’s a relatively new club- opened in 2017, already famous among tourists and locals as well. Very skilled architects made a very unique interior at a very spacious club! The lighting and the energy surely leaves an impression.

Gothic is one of Belgrades leading clubs among locals, known for popular domestic live music. If youre an enthusiastic local or a curious foreigner- this atmosphere will not disappoint you! Come and see something completely unique to Serbian culture, to Serbian nightlife culture. Come here with an open mind and you will have a genuinely amazing night! Gothic is one of the clubs which focuses mainly on domestic music- and this means quality music nonetheless! You don’t have to understand Serbian to understand the energy and liveliness of the band and guests that you’ll always find here! The capacity of the club is 500 people- it is always just under “crowded” so you will find plenty of smiling faces, dancing and cheerful singing along- the true Belgrade nightlife experience!

The club is open on every weekday- even on Mondays! It’s a fact that a Monday here is no less fun than any thrilling friday! It is safe to say that you wont find this type of nightlife commitment anywhere else in the world. On most Sunday’s you can book a great night out as well- whats specific about Sunday’s here is that this day is reserved for famous RnB and Hip Hop hits as opposed to the domestic music which is dominant the rest of the week.

You’ll notice the energy as soon as you walk in, and the luxurious beauty of the interior is exciting enough on its own! We’re sure you’ll be coming back, no matter where you’re from! Give us a chance to show you what a real night out is supposed to look like!