Clubbing in Belgrade has a very unique charm- and a great reputation all over the world. Not to mention the history of our club scene- we’ve been partying hard for decades!

Hua Hua club or “splav” is located on the water- right at the confluence at the Sava and Danube rivers. Hua Hua takes pride in the fact that it has been working for the past 33 years! It’s got a real reputation to maintain, and it does so, rightfully. It’s got a large number of constant guests, as well as foreign tourists who are eager to see a more unique, “traditional” way of clubbing.

Don’t be surprised if you see people dancing on tables- that’s normal for this club and its encouraged! The music that you’ll find here is Serbian pop/rock/folk music, always performed by an amazing live band. The club has a great big parking out front- but the question is – will you be able to find your car after a wild night here!

Working hours are from midnight to 5am- the late working hours give away the energetic atmosphere that doesn’t stop until the club closes! The club capacity is at 300 people and it is always full! You can choose from tables, high bar tables, VIP tables and a large bar- either way, you can expect a great time.

The interior is very unique to the Belgrade nightlife scene- as you can see in the photos down below- it looks more like a restaurant than a club! Don’t let that fool you- you will not be thinking about food at a fun joint like this! The only things on the menu- alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol!

The staff is very professional and friendly, the guests very cheerful. The motto of the club for years is a classic – “What happens at Hua, stays at Hua. Come and see what all the fuss is about!